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Dr. Parrish understands that orthodontic treatments are about more than just aesthetics, they can positively impact your health since straighter teeth are easier to care for and are less likely to get damaged. Dr. Parrish and his skilled team will work with you to determine which orthodontic method is right for you. Dr. Parrish takes great delight in serving patients of all ages, backed by a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in diverse orthodontic techniques, ranging from braces to clear aligners.

Our Friendly Orthodontist, Dr. Parrish

Dr. Matthew Parrish grew up in Indianapolis, IN. He attended Roncalli High School, graduating in 2008. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from IUPUI and continued to Indiana University School of Dentistry for his dental degree. After dental school, Dr. Parrish served 5 years in the US Air Force as a general dentist. During his time in the Air Force, he completed a one-year advanced education in general dentistry residency where he discovered his passion for orthodontics. Dr. Parrish returned to Indiana University School of Dentistry where he received his Certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Science in Dentistry.

Dr. Parrish is excited to help you reveal your beautiful smile!

At Village Dental, we provide all patients with transparent pricing for Orthodontics. Enhance your smile at a price that you can afford and boost your confidence with straighter, healthier teeth. Contact us to book your orthodontic consultation!

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Metal & Ceramic Braces

Traditional braces can fix a wide range of orthodontic problems. From mild to more complex cases, braces utilize an advanced bracket and wire system to reposition teeth over time. Braces can correct gapped, crooked, or crowded teeth. They can also help with bite alignment issues such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites. For those looking for a more subtle straightening method, we also offer tooth-colored ceramic braces. If patients want to put a little personality into their braces, they can choose from a variety of colored rubber bands to complement their personal style.


We understand that not everyone wants to have a mouth full of metal in order to achieve straighter teeth. We offer Invisalign which utilizes clear plastic aligners to discreetly straighten teeth. The aligners come in a series and you switch them out every two weeks for the next set. Since the aligners are removable, you can take them out when you eat and when you brush and floss to maintain great oral health throughout your orthodontic process.

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